Full-Halo Package F3 2015 to Present


F-3 Full Halo Package Now With Halo Gard, Full Underglow Kit, Halo Wheelz, & Halo Eye.

Product Description

2015 to Present F-3 Full-Halo Package includes

Halo Skid – Now With Halo Gard!

Full Underglow Kit

Halo Wheelz

Halo Eye

Our center underglow now incorporates a 16 guage stainless steel c-channel that permantly installs to the center spine to keep the lights from being damaged. You can lift your Spyder on this rail.

Description of the package:


Our Halo Skid is 2nd. to None…After it is installed, you will agree!

Our main concern is your increased visablitly & safety while on your ride. With our lighting you will be seen during the day and at night because the Halo Skid has dual rows of super bright LED lights and if they are too bright, you can dim with our included remote control. With “Plug n Play” installation is designed with you in mind.

The protection for your ride is also a concern, but with our 1/2″ clear cell cast (Super Hard) acrylic your ride will be saved from the inherent abuse from road rash.

The Halo Skid lighting is guaranteed for as long as you own it. In the event of a light failure from regular use, we will send you new lights and with our system, you will be able to replace them without the hassle of returning the Halo Skid to us.

Underglow LED kit

Our LED lighting is specifically fitted for your Spyder and wherever possible we use dual row LED’s for brightness. Our LED come with 3M grade adhesive for strong grip. Please prep the surface properly.

Our LED lighting in this kit is guaranteed 3 years from date of purchase for replacement

Halo Wheelz

Halo Wheelz install permanently on your Spyder and produce an incredible glow… It is dazzling

Halo Wheel are fit with precision to your Spyder with our dual LED’s mount with 3M grade adhesive. The wheelz are powder coated to resist rust. Plug n Play makes install really easy.


Our Halo Eye compliments our Halo Skid and give you added visibility.

You are purchasing quality…. Please leave positive reviews for your purchases

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, Call me directly 7 days


Thank You

Spyder Dan

Weight 387.00 oz
Dimensions 36.00 × 4.00 × 24.00 in
Bike Year

2015-2018, 2019-Present


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