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Our lighting is waterproof and 100% protected from virtually anything you can encounter on the roads.

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Proudly Made in The USA

All our acrylic products are designed and built in-house. 

Curious about how we make the Halo Skid and our other great products? Take a look behind the scenes.

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Disclaimer: These parts should be considered cosmetic items for aesthetic purposes. I offer no guarantee and claim no responsibility expresses or implied for any damaged that may result from the use of any of the products offered by Custom Spyder Works By installing any of these items on your vehicle you agree to hold harmless Custom Spyder Works, It's ownership and partners from any liability or damage from said installation of any listed products. 

Learn and understand the laws in your respective state in regards to what color lights are permitted while your Spyder is in motion... There are not any laws in any state in the United States that say you can't display any color you wish moving or static while you are parked.