About Us

We are based in Butler Pennsylvania and we have been making and installing the Halo Skid since 2017.
The Halo Skid was born because I was looking for a plastic skid to replace my own on my 2011 RT. I had installed the typical bump skid and over the three 3 years of use, I could see that it deteriorating from rubbing the "Frunk" on the rough roads.

So with some work on our CAD and CNC Machine we cut the shape in Cell Cast Acrylic which is an extremely Hard acrylic. I ran that first prototype 10,000 miles and made an effort to abuse it. I was unable to chip it or crack it

We cut the shape in Cell Cast Acrylic on our CNC Machineblanks.jpg

Our next objective for version 2 was to have LED lights inside so that the road hazards wouldn't effect the performance of the lights. We sourced our LED lighting components from a family business in Cleveland, Ohio

We used to use 2-Part epoxy to seal the lighting from the elements, but it was messy and expensive to work with.

We have recently discovered a much more reliable way to seal the lighting while maintaining the strength of the acrylic.

The LED lights are inside solid acrylic, completely protected from road hazardsskidg.jpg

The lighting in our skid projects forward and down which gives the rider more visibility and creates a Halo effect under the Spyder.

That is what sets us apart from the other skids on the market.

The lighting projects forward and down creating a halo effectpensred.jpg