Ryker Halo Skid

1. Included in package

  • Halo Skid 
  • 4 Screws (2 torques for front, 2 screws & nuts for rear) 
  • OEM connectors with cable 
  • Remote control kit

2) Remove the protective covering on the halo skid

3) Remove the side panel and front hood.

4) Connect the supplied wire and the remote control unit together and the connect the OEM connectors to the  accessory wires under the side access panel

5) Feed the wire through to the underside of the Ryker to connect to the Halo Skid. Make sure to keep it away  from moving and hot parts.

6) Remove the two front screws from under the Ryker and discard.

7) Connect the wire to the Halo Skid.

8) Align the Halo Skid so the front holes align with the two screws you just removed and screw in two short screws, hand tight only.

9) Attach the 2” screw and nut through the Halo skid and the frame on the back left (as you are sitting on the  Ryker)

10) Attach the 2.5” screw and nut through the Halo skid and the frame on the back right (as you are sitting on the  Ryker). 

11) Tighten all four fasteners..

12) Test the lights to make sure it works.

13) Tidy up the wires and reinstall the two panels.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan