RT Halo Floorboards

Step 1: Installing LED Controller unit:

  • a) Remove three panels on the right hand side. Maintenance access panel, lower cover and top cover
  • b) Locate and disconnect the DRL LED power connector
  • c) Connect the female Power adapter into the male connector on the Spyder
  • d) Connect the male Power adapter into the female connector on the Spyder
  • e) Connect the black barrel connector (red and black wires) to the white barrel connect on LED controller
  • f) If installing only one LED accessory, skip to Step 2. OR
  • g) If connecting more than one LED accessory, connect the 4 into 1 “Y” connector to the LED Controller.

Step 2: Installing the Halo Floorboards:

The installation of the Floorboards can be accomplished in two methods…. On the bike or off. We found it easier to
remove the factory boards and assemble on the workbench.

Remove the rubber floor mats from the boards….

Starting with the left
Set the factory board on the acrylic and align the screw holes and insert the screws (2- 45mm) heads up and attach the 2
screw nuts.
Tighten until the screw nuts are rubbing on the bottom side of acrylic…
No need to overtighten or use of Loc-tite… Do not overtighten and weaken the bend… Just tight.

Right side (Brake Pedal)
Repeat the same process to mount the acrylic to the floorboard with the exception of the 55mm screw goes closest to
the front and attach using the same screw nuts as other side.
Reattach the rubber floor mats now and use pliers to pull the rubber fingers/tabs back thru.
Starting on the left side.
Connect a long zip-tie to the end of the 32″ inch extension cord and feed the wire from top to bottom starting at the
opening aligned with the pass thru beneath the fuel tank .
At the bottom, feed wire along the outside tube frame and connect to the floorboard. Pull the slack gently and run the
wire under the fuel tank.

Repeat the process on the right side and attach both sides at the 2-way splitter.
Attach the last 32″ extension cord to the splitter and feed the wire to the access panel below the headlights.
Connect our Power Harness splitter
(Fused wire) and plug the LED module into the power harness.

Zip-tie the LED module to a wire harness in the opening below the headlights so it’s not sliding around.
Now test the lighting with the key on and press the preset Red, Blue, Green on the remote, also turn off/on with remote.
Now go back and zip-tie wires in secure locations, making sure that you have no wires are able to touch the ground or
any moving parts within the bike.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan