RT 2020-Present Halo Skid

Step 1: Installing LED Controller unit:

  • a) Remove three panels on the right hand side. Maintenance access panel, lower cover and top cover
  • b) Locate and disconnect the DRL LED power connector
  • c) Connect the female Power adapter into the male connector on the Spyder
  • d) Connect the male Power adapter into the female connector on the Spyder
  • e) Connect the black barrel connector (red and black wires) to the white barrel connect on LED controller
  • f) If installing only one LED accessory, skip to Step 2.
  • g) If connecting more than one LED accessory, connect the 4 into 1 “Y” connector to the LED Controller.

Step 2: Installing the Halo Skid:

  • a) It will be easier to install the Halo Skid if the front end is lifted up. (on floor ramps or jack stands)
  • b) Locate the four screws under the front end holding the plastic factory skid plate and remove the screws
  • c) While lying under the Spyder, hold the Halo Skid up and start the two screws closest to the back.
  • d) Then start the two screws closest to the front.
  • e) Once all four screws are started, you can tighten them down. Only use hand tools do not use a power tool to
    tighten the screws.
  • f) There are two black cables that will come out the back of the Halo Skid. One is labeled “Power” and the other is
    labeled “Accessory”. If you are not connecting any other Custom Spyder Works LED lights, just tuck the
    “Accessory” wire away for later use. If you are connecting other Custom Spyder Works LED lighting, you will use
    the “Accessory” wire to power those light kits.
  • g) Connect the extension wire to the black wire labeled “POWER” the feed the extension wire to the LED Controller
    unit or to the 4 into 1 “Y” connector at the LED controller and plug it in.
  • h) Verify the Halo Skid LED lights work.
  • i) Tidy up the wires and reassemble Spyder.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan