RT 2020-Present Halo Eye

Step 1: Installing LED Controller unit:

  • a) Remove three panels on the right hand side. Maintenance access panel, lower cover and top cover
  • b) Locate and disconnect the DRL LED power connector
  • c) Connect the female Power adapter into the male connector on the Spyder
  • d) Connect the male Power adapter into the female connector on the Spyder
  • e) Connect the black barrel connector (red and black wires) to the white barrel connect on LED controller
  • f) If installing only one LED accessory, skip to Step 2.
  • g) If connecting more than one LED accessory, connect the 4 into 1 “Y” connector to the LED Controller.

Step 2: Installing the halo eye LED: The halo eye LED is mounted on the colored plastic panel behind the frunk lid

  • a) Clean surface area with Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • b) Check fit before removing the protective tape.
  • c) Apply the adhesive activator to the area where the LED will be mounted and let dry.
  • d) With the connectors facing the right side of the Spyder, remove the protective tape from the back of the LED  and mount to the colored plastic panel. 
  • e) With the large colored panel removed, you can route the wire along the valley
  • f) Up to the area under the maintenance panel behind the frunk to the LED control unit.
  • g) Connect the wire to the LED Controller unit.
  • h) Verify LED lights work.
  • i) Tidy up the wires and reassemble Spyder.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan