RS Halo Eye

Note 1: If you have the Multi Color Halo, the LED controller has been installed.

  • A) Installing a single light kit – connect the 2 into 1 “Y” connector (see pic.) to the accessory power lead
  • B) Installing multiple light kits – connect the 4 into 1 “Y” connector (see pic.) to the accessory power lead

Step 1: Installing LED Controller unit

  • a) Remove maintenance access panel
  • b) Route the power cable from the LED Controller unit (red and black wires) along and under the upper A-Arm, on the
    left side of the Spyder.
  • c) Locate and disconnect the fender LED power connector from under the A-Arm cover
  • d) Connect the female LED Controller connector into the male connector on the Spyder
  • e) Connect the male LED Controller connector in the female connector on the Spyder
  • f) Route the LED Controller module to a location under the Maintenance Access Panel
  • g) Connect the black barrel connector (red and black wires) to the white barrel connect on LED controller
  • h) If installing only one LED accessory, skip to Step 2 installing the Halo Eye LED strip.
  • i) If connecting more than one LED accessory, connect the 4 into 1 “Y” connector to the LED Controller.

Step 2 Installing the Halo Eye LED strip

  • a) Remove the maintenance access panel
  • b) Check for fit of light strip and mark where the plug wound go through the front nose on the right side (standing
    in front of the Spyder) with a marker so you know where to drill.
  • c) In the front lower nose on the right-side Drill 2 holes 21/64 holes side by side where you marked and then cut
    the small piece of plastic out from between the 2 to allow room to push the light strip plug end through. (You
    can place a rubber grummet inside this hole or after plug is pushed through use silicone o seal the hole up).
  • d) Clean and degrease the area with Isopropyl Alcohol where the light strip will be fastened to.
  • e) Check fit of light strip before removing the protective tape.
  • f) Apply adhesive activator and let dry for 3-5 minutes.
  • g) With the connectors facing the left side of the Spyder (or right if your standing in front of the Spyder), remove
    the protective tape from the back of the LED and mount it to the front lower nose.
  • h) Once light strip is fasted down push the plug end through the hole you made.
  • i) Push Plug end through the hole
  • j) Connect the 32” extension cable to the LED connector
  • k) Remove the 2 upper bolts for the right-side side panel (if standing in front of the Spyder) and feed the wire
    inside this area and up to the LED control module
  • l) Verify LED lights work.
  • m) Tidy up the wires and refasten the 2 bolts for the side panel.
  • n) Put maintenance panel back on.
  • o) Close Frunk.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan