Rear Fender LED Light Kit

Step 1:

Thoroughly clean rear fender supports and wipe down with 99% rubbing alcohol. Use supplied adhesive promoter on the outside of fender supports and let dry a few seconds.

Step 2:

You are installing the lights to the outside of the fender supports and the wire connections towards the front. The ends of the LED lights should be touching the license plate holder.

Step 3:

Peel the tape backing and start installing from the rear moving forward (repeat on opposite side)

Step 4:

Fasten a zip tie at the rear and front of the support and two more evenly spaced between. Do not strangle the LED as the zip tie can cut the LED causing a failure, just secure the lights in place.

Step 5:

Connect the supplied 32″ long extension cords to the LED strip and run along the swing arms (1 per side) and connect both to the 2-way splitter, then plug into the power harness. We direct the extension cords to splitter on left side (as you are sitting on the bike) as the power harness connects on left a-arm or at battery (depending on model).

Step 6:

Test the lights.

Step 7:

Return to fasten the extension cords to the swing arm, and make sure the wiring is not fastened to or touching on any moving parts.

We are offering this kit as multi-color and Red only… Multi-color will be connected to the light module. Red will connect directly to the power harness.

We suggest using dielectric grease at all plug connections.

For detailed power harness connection guide refer to Halo Skid install for your respective model & year.

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan