LED Hitch Splash Guard

If you are unfamiliar with the electrical system of your Spyder, please gather assistance locally from a person knowledgeable of wiring.

1. Remove seat.

2. The cover’s wire harness will run across the top of your hitch frame and  down the swing arm to gain access to the wiring of the bike.

3. You will be drilling two 3/16” pilot holes in the hitch to secure the Splash  Cover.

4. Place Splash Cover on the top of the trailer hitch and align.

5. Using 2 clamps, with surface protectors, secure the Splash Cover in  preparation for drilling the two pilot holes (fig 1). Drill one hole at a time,  install self-taping screw, remove C clamps. Check alignment again before  drilling 2nd hole. Place C clamp to hold Splash Cover and drill 2nd hole.

6. Route wires on top of hitch and secure with zip ties (fig 2).

7. Continue to run wire along top of swing arm and up through the frame,  secure with zip ties (fig 3 &4).

8. Use provided posi-taps to make wire connections to your Spyder after you  locate the Run & Ground wires. Red is positive & Green is ground.

  • a. Note: if you discover that the lights are not functioning. You can take  the ground wire to a common ground or the frame.

9. At this point, Turn on your key and check to make sure everything operates  properly. Operate turn signals as well to make sure there is no interference  causing the Splash Covers lights to blink.

I hope you enjoy the extra lights on the rear of your Spyder and the reduced splash on your ride.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan