Halo Guard

Tools Needed:
#1 phillips bit for a cordless drill
hand clamps (2)

Peel the protective paper from both sides of the Halo Gard.
Align the Halo Gard with the leading edge of your Halo Skid.
Use the hand clamps to hold the Halo Gard securely to your Halo Skid.

Installing on or off the bike…
Use 1 supplied screw per set of holes and mount the Halo Gard with a
cordless drill.

In the future, when the Halo Gard is marked up and looks frosted, just return
to Customspyderworks.com
and order a replacement. Use the supplied screws and fasten to your Halo
Skid using a different hole.

Download a printable version

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan