Spyder F-3 Keyless Gas Cap

1) Remove the bezel that is around the key hole by turning it counter clockwise approximately 1/8 of a turn. 

2) Lift off

3) Remove the cover that is around the key switch. If you have fog lights or heated grips you will need to  disconnect those wires.

4) You will see two wires on the right side. One has a white tag on it (black wire) and one is black with a blue  stripe. These are ground wires for the gas tank and gas cap. You will eventually cut the black wire with blue  stripe.

5) Remove three of the 4mm hex bolts from the gas cap on the Spyder. See image for the correct bolts to remove.  The other bolts are for decoration only.

6) Unlock your gas cap and open. You will see another 4 mm bolt in the upper right corner. You will need to  remove this bolt using the clear acrylic wrench.

7) Insert the acrylic wrench where the two ground wires are located and locate the nut that is under the 4mm bolt  in the upper right had corner. This may take some time to locate, but take your time and have patience.

8) Once you have removed the bolt, the nut will drop. Do not worry about it as you will not need it and it will  probably fall out on your next ride.

9) Pull out the gas cap and set aside.

10) Pull the black wire with the blue stripe out.

11) Take the small metal rod with a loop on the end and fish this to the hole that you just removed the bolt from.  (Image below shows location of metal rod on outside for reference only, it needs to go under the metal cover  where the black wire with blue stripe was attached.)

12) Feed the ground wire that is on the new gas gap through the hold and into the loop of the small metal rod and  gently pull the wire so you can grab it where the two ground wires are located.

13) Pull all of the wire through and set the new gas cap. Screw down the new gas cap with the three 3mm hex head  bolts

14) Cut the end of the black wire with the blue stripe and strip the end off of the wire

15) Wrap the two wires together and then screw on the wire nut.

16) Tuck the wires in the opening and reassemble the Spyder.

17) Enjoy your future easy fill ups.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan