Spyder F-3 Halo Skid

Let’s begin the install with a clean floor so that if you drop anything, it makes it easier to
locate. It happens!! You will need to have the front of your Spyder elevated, and we
use & suggest car ramps, which keeps you safe to lie under. Make sure to set your
parking brake before leaving your Spyder. Some disassembly is required of your
Spyder is required during the installation process. An assortment of tools should be

  • Cordless Drill
  • Flat blade and Phillips Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Torx Drivers, T25 & T30 are the most common
  • 6-10 Zip Ties 6″ to 8″ long

Parts List F3

  • (4) Torx Screws
  • Red/Black fused wire harness w/ OEM connectors on the end
  • 32″ Extension cord
  • (RGB) Multi-Color will receive a packet that contains a module & remote control

Examine the factory skid plate and you will find several screws and bolts need removed.
Save the screws removed until the install is completed.

Lay your new Halo Skid on the floor and peel the brown adhesive paper from the Halo
Skid that will be contacting the bottom of the Spyder. You will now align the flat side of
the Halo Skid with the rail closest to the motor and install (4) Torx screws by HAND and
tighten to support the weight of the Halo Skid, this will align the tip of the Halo Skid with
the front tip of your Spyder. If the tip of the Halo Skid and your Spyder are not aligned,
take a 2nd look at what you have done this far.

Examine the (2) wires that exit the Halo Skid labeled (A) Accessory & (P) Power.
Unless you have also ordered Under Glow LED for the center frame, the wire marked
(A) will be sandwiched between the Halo Skid and the bottom of your Spyder.
Lift the skid into place… Starting at the rear of the Halo Skid install all (4) screws by
HAND, do not use power tools, with the Accessory wire sandwiched above the Halo

Note: The underside of the F3 is curved. The Halo Skid is flat. There will be a slight
gap on each side when it is tight. Make sure this gap is even.

At this point open your Frunk (Front Trunk) door and locate the black maintenance
access panel and remove the cover.

Install the (supplied) extension cord to the wire that exits the Halo Skid and route that
wire through the Spyder to the maintenance access panel area that you removed. That
extension cord should be zip tied along the way and routed clear of moving parts and
excessive heat. The extension cord will reach the access panel location.
At this point you will plug the extension cord into the white module & connect the
Red/Black wire harness to the other end of the module and route the OEM connectors
to the lower a-arm on the left side of your Spyder.

Unplug the factory plugs and reconnect by plugging the wire harness in-line
male/female. Now turn on your Spyder ignition and with your Halo Skid remote control,
Power on your remote and run through the colors…

Now that you are up and running, go back through your Spyder and secure the wires
with zip ties.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan