Spyder F-3 Halo Rings

Installing the Halo Ring LED

a) Remove the following panels.

b) On the long panel shown above, you will need to remove the blank cover for the fog lights. There is a
T20 screw on the inside.

c) Mount the Halo Ring to the outside of the fog light cover you just removed. You can drill three small
holes and use tie wraps to hold the Halo Ring to the cover or you can use clear Gorilla Glue or similar

d) Once the Halo Ring is mounted to the fog light cover, connect the cover back to the large panel. The wire from
the Halo Ring will fit between the fog light cover and the panel it is mounted too.

e) Remove the two push pins on the panel below the handle bars. This will allow you to move it to run the wires
behind the panel.

f) Disconnect the OEM connector that is located on the bottom of the mirror/blinker.

g) Connect the OEM connector from the Halo Ring to the OEM connectors under the Mirror/Blinker.

h) Feed the wire behind the panel where you removed the two push pins.

i) Once you put the panel back on, you will connect the Halo Ring connector to the black box connector.

j) Feed the red wire from the black box to the Customer Accessory power wires located to the right of the battery
if you are standing in front of the Spyder looking into the Frunk. (remove the Frunk tub)

k) The purple wire with the yellow stripe is the positive (+) lead. Connect the Lever Lock to that wire and then
connect the red wire to the lever lock.

l) Repeat step b) – k) for the other side.

m) Verify Halo Ring LED lights work.

  • a. Turning on the emergency flasher will make the halo Ring flash amber.
  • b. You will need to start the Spyder to verify the Halo Ring becomes white without the emergency flasher
    or blinker on.

n) Tidy up the wires and reassemble Spyder.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan