Spyder F-3 Driving Lights

1. Assemble the lights

2. Connect the OEM jump wire to either light and start on the right side of your Spyder. (Right side as you are sitting on the Spyder)

3. Mount the LED using appropriate size rubber collet in the clamp to go around the lower A-arm and leave it loose for adjusting the location and aiming.

4. Feed the wire through the Spyder to the left side.

5. Repeat the same on the left side and connect to OEM wire harness.

6. Remove the left side maintenance access panel.

7. Feed the loose wire (red and black) to the left side maintenance access area.

8. Locate the Customer Accessory Circuit wire.

9. Cut the ends off of the wire and strip back approximately 1/2″

10. Connect the supplied lever locks

a. Connect the red wire and Purple wire [Positive +]

b. Connect the two Black wires [Negative -]

11. Start the Spyder to make sure the lights work. Align the lights to a position that you see fit for driving.

12. Tidy up the wires and replace the access panel.

13. For aiming… Make sure your Spyder is on level ground.

14. We use a L square and level the face of the LED housing to the ground. These lights are very bright so aiming a little down until you find the sweet spot won’t hurt and adjust as needed.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan