Rear Fender Light Kit F3-S
  • Be sure to clean both fender supports thoroughly with alcohol pads before installing light strips.
  • Starting at the back of the bike, place LED light strip on top fender support tube. Start with the blunt end of light strip up against license plate bracket. Wire end should be facing forward on fender tube.
  • Place 4 small pull ties around fender supports and LED light to help secure.  Place 2 at each end and then evenly space other 2.
  • Then with 2 24″ extensions provided, connect to LED light strip and run up along rear swing arm tube on each side.
  • Take the 2 to 1 splitter and place on the left side extension (left sitting on the bike) and then plug both extensions into splitter.
  • Plug the power cord into the single end of the splitter.
  • Now plug in the receiver to the end of the harness.
  • Take fused power cord and plug into receiver.
  • Now run power cord with the spade terminals up the right side of the frame rails. Be sure to secure wire with nylon pull ties around frame to prevent wire damage.
  • Continue to run power wires to front of bike and attach to back side of battery.
  • Open frunk and remove 4 retaining push pins and remove tub to gain access to battery.
  • Continue to pull wire through battery opening.
  • Place red wire on positive post and black wire on negative battery post.
  • Take remote and remove battery saver. Lights will function at this point. Set to desired color on the remote.
  • Be sure all wires are secured correctly with nylon pull ties.
  • Reinstall front tub back into bike and secure with  push pins.
  • Reinstall right hand side panels.

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan