2019 RT Halo Skid

First follow the instructions for physical installation of the Halo Skid to your Spyder. To
keep things as simple and safe as possible it works best to have the front of the RT
elevated on jacks.

While it is not required I would suggested that the front trunk be opened and the trunk
lid removed to provide easier access to the battery compartment. There are two T30
Torx screws that secure the trunk lid to the bike. Remove the Screws and set the lid

It will be necessary to gain access to the battery compartment. The trunk seal will have
to be removed and the trunk liner will have to be partially pulled back to gain access to
the battery compartment.

1. Disconnect the snap,  Let the strap hang loose.

2. Remove the seal by pulling it up off the lip of the trunk enclosure.

3. The trunk liner has an elastic band, two Velcro strips and another snap that
hold it in place. Pull the Velcro tabs to loosen the liner (note; it may be
necessary to remove the right and left access panels as they may prevent the
Velcro from being removed)

4. Pull the liner back to the front of the bike enough to expose the battery

5. There are two T30 Torx screws securing the battery compartment door to the
bike. Remove the door.

6. The auxiliary power wires are tucked back, up above and to the side of the
positive terminal side of the battery compartment. From the outside you will
see a round grommet refer to figure 3. The auxiliary wires should be located
behind this grommet. Removing the grommet gives you a somewhat better

7. It may be necessary to remove the battery to gain access to the auxiliary
wires. Refer to the battery removal procedure as listed in the RT or F-3
operator’s manual.

8. The auxiliary wires have an insulated-right angle-female spade connector on
each wire. There are two wires: a purple with yellow stripe wire, this is the
positive power wire and a black wire this is the ground wire. LEDs have
polarity it is important to maintain the orientation when connecting the Halo
Skid wiring harness. Bring the connector end of both wires out of the battery access so
they are easy to find in later steps.

9. Under the left side of the RT there is a black plastic skid plate held in place by
three push-pins and one T30 Torx screw. Refer to figure 5. Remove the skid

10.With one had over the top of the A arm use the other hand to feed the Halo
Skid wiring up into the RT cavity. Zip tie the Halo Skid cable to the A arm. Try
to minimize slack yet do not stretch the cable too much to keep from causing
a failure.

11. Feed the rest of the cable up into the cavity behind the battery keep in mind
the steering arms are in this cavity so keep the cable from interfering with the
steering arms. From the left front tire look into this cavity toward the battery.
You should be able to see the back of the battery.

12. Feed the Halo skid cable through the steering arm cavity to the back of the
trunk. The cable should be located near the auxiliary wiring as the two will be

13.Connect red power lead from Halo skid cable to auxiliary (purple with yellow
stripe) wire. Then connect black ground lead from Halo Skid cable to auxiliary
(black) wire.

14.Reinstall the RT battery. Tuck Halo skid cable behind and alongside the battery.

15.Insert the RT key into the ignition and turn the key on. The bike should begin
its power up process and the Halo skid should illuminate. If the Halo skid does
not work retrace and verify all electrical connections are good.

16.Once satisfied with all the Halo skid operation reinstall the skid plate on the
underside of the RT.

17.Reinstall the battery door, ensure no wiring is pinched or binding. Reinstall
grommet. Reinstall trunk liner.

18.Reinstall trunk lid seal and reinstall trunk lid be sure to align lid for proper fit.

19.You should be ready to rock your new Halo skid.

Download a printable version with pictures

If you have any questions please contact Spyder Dan