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Halo Floorboards for 2020-2021 RT/RTL

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Our latest innovation for the 2020-21 RT. Halo Floorboards are designed to be added to the bottom of your factory floorboards on the 2020-21 RT.... They simply install to the bottoms of your without any modifications to your current floorboards (no drilling holes)

They look great with lights on or off.... 1/2" clear acrylic with a polished glass appearance, then turn on the lights and "WOW" they really add more beauty... The lighting works in concert with our other products or as a stand alone product.

The ultimate goal is Safety from the sides. Another way to show your Spyder Style and to be noticed.

Plug n Play install... Everything you need is included and the installation is really simple.

More models are in development.

US Patent Pending

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