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Baja Ron Shock Adjusters

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If you are looking for a great way to improve stability & handling... Especially when combined with the Baja Ron Sway Bar upgrade kit

Having Baja Ron Shock Adjusters installed will help maintain the original ride height and greatly decreases the likelyhood of striking the ground.

Having these reduces the leans and dives in corners. They work real well for those riding 2-up or pulling a trailer.

Fitment: All Can-Am Spyders that don't already have adjustable shocks. All models.

A spring compressor tool is suggested if you plan to install yourself. We offer a quality compression tool set for $40.00 and will ship with the adjusters.

If you would like to return the compression tool, the $40.00 will be refunded to you, although you are welcome to keep it.

If you purchase the compression tool kit at a later date, the cost is $50.00