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2020-2021 Halo Skid

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We are the 1st Spyder supplier to Market with any type of protection for your Spyders underside of the Frunk.... We are Proud!

Halo Skid is designed to protect your investment and the added Safety with greater visibility while going down the highway...

Halo Skid is a 1/2" thick of clear acrylic with a polished edge... The Halo Skid for this model has a bend that matches the contour of the Spyder. The lighting is laid inside the acrylic to shine down and forward.... Creating a HALO

The lighting is sealed for durability and won't be destroyed stones or road debris.... The lighting is completely serviceable by the consumer with our unique design. 

Installation is a breeze.... Remove 4 factory screws and install ours.... Electrical is entirely Plug n Play with our OEM power harness.

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