Can-Am Tux Tie F3/S/T/LTD


BLACK CLASSIC TUXEDO TIE, Tank Divider EZ Mount Pouch, For Can-Am F3/S/T/LTD, 2015-Newer

Product Description

Hopnel™ sewn products expands its large selection of over twenty-one Tuxedo Ties to now include the Can-Am Spyder F3. Tuxedo Ties are a great enhancement by providing aesthetically pleasing wear and scratch protection, as well as a generous 8″ x 4½” x 1½” EZ mount storage pouch that easily accommodates a cell phone behind a clear protective sleeve. The Spyder F3 Tuxedo Tie is tailored to fit under the forward gas tank trim to match the natural lines of the F3 with special hook and loop attachments to provide a secure fit, yet allowing easy removal for cleaning and service. Fits 2015 and newer F3/S/T/LTD.

Weight 23.20 oz


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