Can-Am RT Trunk Organizer


HOPNEL TRUNK ORGANIZER, 10 Special Pockets & sleeves, For Can-Am RT, 2010-19, 2 Mesh, Pockets, 1 – 5×6 Pocket, 2 Sleeves, Made in USA

Product Description

Hopnel™ is at it again with our latest Trunk Organizer storage accessory for the Can-Am RT. This Trunk Organizer and its unique single piece design wraps the trunk back and two sides, providing significant trunk organization. Mounts on the trunk with five OEM screw points and secured with nine hook and loop attachment points. This organizer has two mesh pockets on the sides, one covered 5’’ x 6’’ x 1 ½’’ storage pouch with rear pocket storage, one 6’’ x 2’’ pocket sleeve, one 2 ½’’ x 4 ¾’’ pocket sleeve and four elastic loops for tools and other accessory storage. Compatible with Hopnel™ Trunk Liners and maintains access to power and audio ports.

Weight 24.00 oz


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