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Center Frame Dual Strip LED in Waterproof casing Fitment: All Spyder Models

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Our Center under glow installs to the center frame of any Spyder (Between the Halo Skid and the rear tire.

This feature is designated to Plug n Play into the provided accessory plug that is built into every RGB Halo Skid (If you dont have a Multi-Color Halo Skid) you will need one for this product to operate as designed. 

This item features (2) Ultra-Bright 32" strips of Light in one waterproof sleeve for the ultimate in water tight.

This product installs very easily with Automotive Grade adhesive and Adhesive Promoter and we suggest that you add Zip Ties through the frame rail for added security to hold the product in place in the event the adhesive loosens. Do not over tighten the zip ties as you risk damage to the waterproof sleeve.

Simply degrease, prepare, stick, and plug in. This item works with the existing remote that came with your Halo Skid.

Caution: After installing, Do not place your floor jack on the LED lights as they risk breaking. We suggest cutting a groove in a 2x4 that fits over the lights and sits on top of the floor jack for lifting.

Warranty: We will gladly replace this light in the event that a LED light bulb (s) burn out with 3 years of purchase. We do not warranty the LED light if the silicone coating is scraped off or pealed off from rubbing on the ground or a trailer.

Install Difficulty Level 1

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